mataam fez

Healthy Moroccan Cuisine

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How does the five course meal work?
A:All you have to do is choose one entree out of the menu and the rest will come with it.

Q: Can tables and chairs be provided?
A:Yes, you can request chairs and tables when you make your reservation but our floor seating with cushions is so Comfortable.

Q: Is Moroccan food spicy?
A: No, we do offer few spicy dishes but most of our items are richly flavored.

Q:Do you have MSG in any of your food?
A:No, our food is made fresh daily without any preservatives or additives.

Q:Do you have any foods that are gluten free?
A:Yes, all of our entrees are gluten free, the only thing that has glutten is the bastilla appetizer because it is made out of Phyllo dough, also the harira soup has glutten but you can substitute that with vegetable soup.

Q: Do you have kids menu?
A:Yes, kids under 12 can have their own entree for $12.99 which includes the 5 course, or may share with adults.

Q: Do you have vegetarian dishes?
A: Yes, our menu has a great selection of vegetarian dishes.

Q: Do I have to tip the dancer?
A: You dont have to but tips are always appreciated, these are professional belly dancers.

Q:Do I have to make a reservation?
A: Reservations are required.

Q:Do I have to eat with my hands?
A:We encourage it as it is a Moroccan tradition, but utensils are provided upon request.

Q: What is the dress code?
A: Nice and casual.

Q: How long is the dinner?
A: You should expect about an hour and half to two hours for the whole dinner.